shell's life
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2001-09-30 02:24:20 (UTC)

Awwwww he is soooooo sweet

ok well derrick just wrote me a e-mail. this is what it

hey babe how are u bored as hell and ant got nothing
to do so i
i would wright ur sorry ass no im playin (i love u babe)
i realy do whether u belive me or not but i hope u do
cuz once i thought about it i have only gone out with
one other
as long as i have with u and i dont want this to end i
realy do love u
and i
never thought i would love again after well u know
but any way i have to go talk to u later babe doll
love u
buh bye

i want to believe him so bad but i really don't know
whether to or not. i mean the way he says it i do believe
him but i have so many bad experiences with guys abusing
the word love i aint sure who to believe any more. what do
yall think?

love always,

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