~*~*A Girl*~*~
2001-09-30 02:13:35 (UTC)

Still on the Trip of Discovery....

Lorna is beautiful...she really is. She's got straight
shiny hair....beautiful teeth....lovely figure....great
legs....and she's pretty outgoing too...I think that means
she knows just what to say when she opens her mouth...well,
err....most of the time at least !

Cuz I dunno why she has to take the pains and all the
trouble in the world JUST to let me know (btw ME is
everyday-is-a-bad-hair-day , no-zits-but-nothing-to-shout-
abt-either , excruciatingly-skinny , huge-specs-that-fogs-
up-the-vision-of-the-world , and perpertually-shocked-over-
things-n-sounds-that-escape-my-mouth...yada..yada)..well to
let me know how below the rung I rank beneath her...and how
ridiculously stupid I look, and how....well u get the idea,
don't u ?

Thing is I could have admired and liked the girl for the
lovely creature she is blessed to be if only she isn't so
nasty to me all the time.

Not that I let her walk all over me....I've showed her
subtly that her uncalled-for comments don't amuse me, but I
guess she's too amused to realize that...YET !