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..always something new..
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2001-09-30 02:03:08 (UTC)


Hey IM REALLY EXCITED .. im keeping my fingers crossed
because my grandpa is getting re-married in a couple weeks.
I cant go because its my homecoming week and i need to be
home for the pep rally and parade and game. SOOOO that
means i might be able to stay home again while my parents
go to GA. Cool HeH ? I dont know what they will do tho
because ummm last time they left me for a weekend I snuck
out to go to a party when i wasnt supposed to leave the
house, they found out about it but i never got punished or
yelled at.I also had a guy over but they dont know about
that so shhhhh !!! Umm nothing else is new .. Right now
Ben Alonna John and that girl Alex r on their double date..
i feel sooo left out .. especially cuz i cant get a hold of
any of them to talk to them. Im trying to call John to see
how it went .. ummm well im really bored and have nothing
to talk about so ima go .. oh and Johns not home yet .. hes
been gone for about 4 hours now .. ugh what the hell are
they doing !!!!

going to go


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