Northern Belle

This Belle's Life
2001-09-30 01:42:13 (UTC)

Sept. 29th 2001

so i have been sick for the majority of the week and i
went to school on Wednesday at lunch.
the week was boring expect my vollyeball won our
game on Thursday. first match 15-3, second match
15-9. I started and scored 3 points.

i have figured out why Derick hurt me. i let my guard
down. I wanted to be w/ him so much i never thought
about rejection. When i went out w/ Danny and he
dumped me yeah i was sad but i still knew it was not
gonna work out long term so i always was ready to
shake things off. now and how things used to be was i
would like a guy and hope he'd be crushin back on me
if not i'd shake it off and find a new guy. but if he did like
me then i would go out w/ him

so yeah i am VERY SCREWED UP