Jenn on Truth Serum
2001-09-30 01:39:07 (UTC)

Girls suck

I really, really don't get along with women. I find them
weak and neurotic, and very concerned with the mundane.
Women are so bitter about the fact that a man can jump out
of bed, throw their clothes on, brush their hair, and be
accepetable to the common public. This just makes me laugh.
The idea that women can't behave like said man, can't get
forget about their apperance for one minute, is not a law
imposed by nature. I mean, okay, yeah, men don't have to go
through the whole period, run to the bathroom, check, okay,
false alarm, run back out, repeat until tampon is changed,
ritual. But women don't have to spend three hours every
morning making themselves presentable. And no respectable
man wants them to. So I call to all women to fucking admit
that they do this shit to themselves. Cause they do. Admit
it. It's your own damned fault.
I also have a problem with the actual friendship thing. I
ahve two wonderful female friends, and that's it. I mean, a
frienship with a woman is high maintenence...I mean, you
might as well have a boyfriend! Constantly reassuring..your
hair looks fine, no, you are not fat,yada, yada, yada. Too
labor intensive.