if you see jordan
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2003-02-25 21:36:53 (UTC)

Computer Lab AGAIN

i'm in computer lab as usual. its boring today because
there is no one to really talk to -- just sophmores and
juniors and stuff. i really should be doing my homework--
but am i ? NO!

but i might be quiting this diary--i love it an insane
amount cause its so easy to take care of--but i might be
getting one on dead journal!! yipee skipee yayayay! haha jk
who knows

ne ways hows everyone out there's life..mines boring as
usual!!! ahhhh boringness..and of course its supposed to
snow again this friday--BlAh... why cant it just snow in
the beginning of the week, like after the weekend when i'm
done my social activities--ahh social activities--lol!!

okay well i'm out i should prolly start the hw!! YUK!!
haha this is a really boring entry just to tell ya

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