2001-09-30 01:13:39 (UTC)

i love jason!

I LOVE MY SWEETIE SOO MUCH! well anyways i went to
homecoming and stuff and it was boring like every other
game, except jason was there, like he always is and i love
him soo much! he is the best in the world! well i really
think i am in love, i love him so much and i don't know
what to do with myself.. hes soo perfect! he loves me soo
much too.. i like it when he tells me he does, i just don't
know what to do with myself when i am not with him, its
like he has this piece of me with him and it pisses me off
when hes not with me cuz that piece is kinda missing and i
miss him sooooooo much! i love it when he kisses my neck,
and i love the way he says i love you! ugh! well i know i
am gettin gushy with ya'll so i will shut up!!!!!!!!!!!
anyways, today was great, my dad found out that alisha and
chance were havin sex! he was soo funnie about it.. he was
like "what shes ridin the bolgna poney?" lol.. well my dad
is the best, he told me that if me and jason ever did that
then he would caserate jason lol.. nooo he wouldn't i would
shoot my dad if he did that! lol... anyways.. i better go
for now .. sooooo life is great right now cuz jason makes
it that way.. well love you all!
mostly jason

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