Obsurd and Undiscussed Relations
2003-02-25 21:05:41 (UTC)


Omg today it was funny. On the bus on the way home from
school we were having a tickle war and I was the target.
I'm not ticklish tho...i swear. Well, maby I'm lieing but
it works some of the time to get ppl to not tickle me.
Today was a different case tho. It was funny. I was pinned
in the back seat of the bus and a bunch of ppl were
tickling me. I almost pissed my pants. I know this doesn't
sound very interesting but neither is my lyfe. And then
getting off the bus Mike grabbed my ass so then I turned
around to hit him and I hit my friend Randi in the head w/
my backpack. Lol. Whoops. I did hit him tho so maby he'll
leave my ass alone. In Tech lab today me and Brooke has a
molasses fight. It was so funny cuz we were running all
over the room getting shit everywhere. Good thing we had
those stupid blue aprons on otherwise we'd be covered in
it. Well, our arms were covered with it anyways. In 6th
hour, me and Kaelyn and Cassie were talking about oh wow
that was funny. Me and Kaelyn were talking about our b/f's
and yeah but Cassie just chimed in when she wanted to tell
us how big her b/f's, i forgot his name but he's ugly tho,
dick was. We were like wow, that's just great, and then
finished our convo. Hehe. I got another 94% or something on
my science test. Woo hoo. I'm like acing that class
anyways. We gotta go to that gay thing for band on
Saturday. Wish I could get out of it. Haha I gotta wear a
skirt. That's just the funniest site that you could ever
see. Oh well tho, I'll get pics so we can remember the once
in a lyfe time moment. Friday is a dance so that'll be fun
I guess. I mean this time I won't even have to work at it
cuz the 7th graders are putting it on. I'm prolly gonna
wear my pink tube-top and I'm not sure what pants. I'm
gonna be ugly like usual tho. It should be fun, I'll take
my 9 ibuprofins or however many I took at the last one and
everything'll be good. My mom just got home. Wtf it's only
almost 4. I'm going to the b-ball game tonite. Hopefully
Ryan'll be normal and not his assey self that he's been
lately. Micah and Alex and Alex better not be there cuz I
hate those 3. Haha, I told them I was bi and they actually
believed me I think. That's pretty sad hey? Well they are
the most immature ppl I know. Nikole and Christin better go
too otherwise I'm gonna be so flucking pissed. No matter
what tho, I will NOT sit by the preps. Omg its so funny
what the bitch (AKA Lauren) said to me and Jackie and
Kendell's party. I told her that I was most likely going to
Gladstone next year and she's like, "that's good, there's
alot of ppl like you at Gladstone." I was so pissed but hey
I know its true. In 5th grade, they didn't know if she was
a guy or girl, seriously. Lol. Today in English Lauren
goes "Omg I walk funny." Like everyone in the class
goes "no duh, you just figured that out?!?!" It was so
funny. I gotta work on the mag. tonite prolly. Haha, we get
to do the make-over tomorrow! I can't wait! Omg guess who's
REALLY hott...ME! Haha, yeah right. I only can wish. I
dunno, I guess I'm good enough for now cuz my b/f really
likes me. And if he likes me, then wow. He's just so
perfect. I love him so much. Well, that's all I have to say
for now I guess. See ya later! =) ~Michelle~

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