Jenn on Truth Serum
2001-09-30 00:54:47 (UTC)

Oh, everything

So on the day that the World Trade Center and Pentagon was
attacked, I was shocked. Not as shocked as I should have
been. That is probably a product of growing up in this
society in this day and age. But I must say one thing,
despite my Bush-bashing in my previous entry, the man is
handling it rather well. So what's up with all this? Some
rich Arab gets pissed that some U.S troops are hanging
around the Middle East? He wants a pure Muslim homeland?
Did he not notice that many of these Muslim countries want
the U.S around? I wonder what he thinks now that his
precious Saudi Arabia is telling Afganistan that they are
on their own? I'm sorry, but when I picture Osama bin
Laden, I think of some berobed guy stamping his feet
saying "It's not fair, it's not fair!" Jesus. All in the
name of his God??? And if we get into a war, then what
about Sadamn?? You know that man is just looking for a
reason to take a shot. Even if it's a cheap shot. Sadamn
(forgive my spelling)is at his nice house, chilling,smoking
a Camel cigarette(hehe), and waiting for his turn. That man
is cheesy. You ever notice that? He's really cheesy.That
grin? And when he lies it's so transparent. I saw him on
the news the other day, claiming that "the U.S should have
called upon him and his people for help. They know how to
deal with this kind of thing". All the while, this cheesy
grin forms upong his face. Like hello?!

::U.S ambassador picks up the phone::Hello? Sadamn Husein
::Sadamn picks up the phone:: Hello?
Yes, um, we would like you and some of your troops to come
over and help us clean up, by the way think we could
persuade you to keep the chemical weapons at home?"
::Sadamn puts on ther chessy grin::
Sure, and why we are at it, could you assure me that I
wouldn't be assasinated, oh, and I'll give you the hook up
on some Camel cigs and maybe some oil...

hehehe...YeahFUCKINGright Sadamn...we are real fucking
stupid, man. C'mon over. If some hijackers can take over a
plane with a box cutter, I could do pretty work with a
twelve gague...heheh

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