Bruce Wayne

2003-02-25 20:58:59 (UTC)

Equal Time

I went back a read some previous entries where I was
stuggling with Kyle related issues. I think that if I'm
going to spend time complaining about his negative behavior
that I should give equal time to praising his positive

About a week or maybe more, before we went on vacation he
was really doing well. He was very light hearted and really
fun to be with. We've been renting lots of movie lately and
watching them together and it has given us time together
and an easy conversation starter. Last night he was doing
his homework, a poster for Spanish class, and doing a
really nice job on it. He got a few phone calls while he
was working on it, and got off the phone when I asked him
without any fuss. We watched Fear Factor, laughed at the
gross, difficult things these people were doing for a shot
at $50,000. When he finnished that we watched Dogma, after
spending about a half hour quoting lines from it.

While we were on vacation he was laughing at nearly every
joke I made...a first to be sure. He was really playfull,
and even physical sometimes which is a huge rarity. I'm
really hoping this is more the rule than the exception. It
makes being around him really pleasurable and the
atmosphere in the house so much less tense.

I don't know where it's comming from , and I wish I could
nail it down so I could help it to continue. If I had to
bet, I'd say that the therapy sessions are giving him an
outlet that he didn't feel he had before. I wish I knew
what the issues he was unloading were, but I guess his
improved disposition is good least for now.