Into the Apparently Pathetic Life of a M
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2001-09-30 00:50:11 (UTC)


Had a soccer game today, against a team from *****. We
lost, 4-3. So our record is now 1-2. That's not good, at
all. I had a PK in the third quarter, when we were down by
one. And if I had made it, we would've tied....but
NOOOOOOO. I didn't make it, we lost 4-3. Dude, we were all
psyched about winning this game, too! Cause they had this
one senior last year, and she was the only reason that we
had such a hard time beating them. And since she graduated,
this year we were all sortsa excited about beating their
little butts, and THANKS TO ME, WE DIDN'T!!! Okay, I'm a
retard....Gr. Anyways, I'd better go. I need sleep, badly.
Actually, I'm going to read "Ring of Endless Light",
because it describes the feeling of death, and I need to
hear that description, so I can describe it myself.