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2003-02-25 20:21:49 (UTC)

A Girlfriend

well, well well..looks like today is just as boring as any!
well thats a change of scenery for once. umm...we lets go
in order! last night rj called and we talked for a realy
really long time he called while i was in the tub, so he made me get
out so i woudnt elevtrocute myself hehe. he was talking kinda wierd
like dirty-perverted so i was being a little bit short with him only
for a while though. hes cute tho. i set him straight hes promised hes
gonna come this weekend and chill with me and molly and milly and
ryan! yay! or something. so it shouold be fun, and molly if ur
reading this I get back seat! hahah.. anyways on a more not-so-
personal note...i woke up to a screaming gramma!! ahh!!!!!!she
totally got pissed off cuz i slept in cuz i was up til 2 talkin to Rj
last night as i was just so tired. i feel like skating right now.
anyways i had like 10 minutes to get to school, ha yea right. i did
it though. but everyone was in a panic. my dad was drunk in bed he
coudln't drive me so i had to get my g-pa up. great. blah. im trying
to get everyone going cuz devin and tara have to get up devin's 19
and has to work, and everything. so yyyyeeeaahhh. my dogs were going
crazy..barking at the neighbors and stuff so yea, im gonna kill em.
but nothin compared to our cousin's down the street..they have like 5
kids, and a bunch of animals and its pure madness! hah i can't wait
til im 16 so i can have a way to escape chaos im soundlind like im
talking t someone, its kinda funny. i know this. i hate math tho, i
hate school i want to go back to soa, i love soa people, i wanna go
back! i like west ashley, its straight n everything. but..i dont
know, i just feel better at soa, cuz its way smaller i suppose...but
then if i stayed at soa, i would still wanna come to wa so it all
works out, im glad i got it all worked out b4 its too late. ive
experienced plenty. bleh. i miss rj. im so much taller than him its
scary im like 5'9 and hes short. really short ;) haha. its okaym hes
cuteresteresstess. i think our children would be be beautiful. but
not til im like 30. really now, but i will have mixed babies! i love
them. they are so gorgeous. well..my damn diary keeps deleting all my
long entries, and this is a way shorter version of the one i just
typed...and got deleted, so im pissed off, and sad, and i miss rj,
and so this is the end. adios biatch. xoxo cassie

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