"My Wonderful Life"
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2001-09-30 00:02:28 (UTC)

The Band

Today was pretty good it started off pretty kool. I went
to go my hair cut today and when i got home i got online
and i had some mail from a friend saying that they wanted
me to come and play with them. So I said ok and called him
and found out where he lived and I had to get my drums out
and put them in the car myself. So about 2:30 i was on my
way, practice started at 1. Oh yeah I got some hair gel
now. Then on the way we thought it was this one drive way
went down it and it was a terrible road holes and
everything in it. Rocks bumped us all around. Then we
finally found it it was the next driveway down. IT was
Micheals house so Me and my mom got out and found ricky his
dad. Then he got micheal and we pulled around and Caleb
and Devin were there ready to help me get my drums out.
When we got them all out my mom left and I went in with
them and I put them together. We started playing and Punk
rock is fast I come not play that fast so we play this one
song and i can play it pretty good now and they said they
will show me more later on. WHile we were working on that
song Caleb says "oh yeah we have to play a show on Oct. 20"
I was like WHAT. But Caleb said he thinks we might get
paided to do it. after devin had to leave we went up to
micheals room. His Sister and one of there friends are
like in love with me Micheal said he said they have been
waiting ask asking him when i am going to come. The they
started knocking on windows and wantong to watch. So we
let them for a few then he made them leave. we went up to
his room so I could hear what kind of music they play and i
have never heard it before and it is pretty kool. Then i
heard a song on micheals computer that the band made on
there and it sounded kool.
Tomorrow I think i have to go to the fair with my
parents and that sucks. I finally got my courge up and
asked Tiffani but she had to work. It sucks but thats kool
she couldnt help it so its all good. My mom and dad dont
really like to ride they just go and walk around my brother
will ride somethings but not all. I wish someof my friends
could go but I dont know maybe somebody will want me to go
with them and I could go with them later in the week but
probably not. I had a pretty day but who knows how it si
going to go tomorrow. I guess I'm out. #3

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