ton o galaxy
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2003-02-25 19:18:36 (UTC)

i lke kissin tha kitty

right smack in the middle of his forehead. i 'm pretty
sure he just likes anything rubbin his face, but it's more
for me.

it has been so explosive in my house with my roommates
immigration status. He has become the biggest bitch in the
land. No one understands what he is going through and then
he tells you to fuck off. And i wonder why it has become
difficult for me to be supportive. I am not going to be the
punching bag.

Today is his birthday and i must buy him a cake. A german
chocolate vegan cake. These vegan/ veggie things never
really are enough food. Somehow all that grain and soy
winds up being more expensive than the lard cakes at the
supermarket. With the above paragraph now stated, I feel
like Julianne Moore's character in the hours(cept for the
lesbean part). I wanna make the cake for daddy, but
goddanmit if i just wanna shove it in his face too!

The italian. What have i gotten myself into! I am so not
ready to "share my life" with anyone. I wanted to go on
dates, have some regular sex partners who i had minimal
emotional ties too and now " i'm sharing my life". This
would be fine if he actually heard any of what i say or do
but he continues to be on the wedding channel.

love that coffee!