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2001-09-29 23:48:17 (UTC)

Im A Frangible Kinda Gurl

Hey all you sexy guyz n gals,
i juz got back from tech theater...we painted n all that
other spiffy fun stuff!!! It wuz great bunches of grits
fun (Shari) Shari made me a star, i painted it red n later
on im goin to put sparkleys on it, I have to make it all
kinds of gurlish ya know?!

The song for today is a song i made, its goin to be one
of the songs for Stop Bed Wetting :) Well i have to be on
my merry lil way now.

Im a frangible kinda gurl
My heart could break if u said somethin mean
My arm bruises when you hit me
I bleed when u cut me to pieces

Why does it have to be like this
Cant i be strong like you
I wouldnt want that though
For i remember the day you told me your not all that strong

All of us cry out for some kinda of help
If thats the case
me i must be nobody cuz i never ask for help
I juz keep it locked in