Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2003-02-25 18:33:38 (UTC)


Fuuuuuuuck! Art 'ideas' has to be in tomorrow and I don't
have a clue what I want to do. Bloody hell. I originally
thought a WW2 machine gunner pointing towards a closed
door. But we only have 4 weeks to complete it, which isn't
a lot of time at all. Fuck it, I might just do a little
pattern. Blah, that sounds so boring. Everyone seems to b
doing this Earth Air Fire Water shit or their families.
Both of those sound dull as fuck.

I just don't know what to do! I suppose I'll just do what
I was originally gonna do, and hope I finish it in time. I
hate media!!! I wish I'd taken Geography instead. Too late
now, lol.

9 weeks until school's out FOREVER!!

Then a couple of months 'till I'm back for the 6th form.
I'm still not sure exactly what I want to do next year.
Goddddddddd!! I don't suppose it matter what I do though,
just as long as I get a decent grade for it. That's all
that matters now-grades. If I score more than 140 point--or
something, I can start army life off as an Officer. If I
don't get enought points then...fuck me, I'm a failure and
won't be an Officer.