Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers
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2001-09-29 23:23:09 (UTC)

The Plan

Ok, I know that I over analyze situations too much;
however, if you had parents like mine you would understand
why I am so screwed up. All that my dad cares about is
weather or not I am running or making good grades or
playing tennis. I don't think in all of my life I have had
a normal conversation with the man. As far as my mom
goes...she has casued me to think too much of myself and I
now realize that it isn't true. So here is my plan. I am
going to go to Blair Academy next year and stay there for
my junior and senior year. And while I'm there I am going
play tennis and take dance and enroll in as many art
classes as I can and photography classes and everything
else that I have not been able to do since I have lived in
Milledgeville. It will be great. I am going to graduate a
smarter person than I would if I stay at JMA and I will
have many more extra curricular activities on my
application. Ok, now I have to think of the hard part. I
am almost positive that I can get in but I need to prepare
myslef. I need to start exercising everyday until I reach
125 lbs. I also need to enroll in two art classes at the
college. That way I will have some backround for art.
Then I have to really concentrate on my grades and walk
away from JMA with great averages. Ok....what
else....ummm....oh ok I need to read a lot!!!! And, I have
to get my room organized. So maybe once I get all those
things sorted out I will be able to look at my life and