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2001-09-29 23:00:32 (UTC)


heyyyheyyyheyy maybe not 2secs but one month.....its alll
the same! ha so anyways im over my ex boyfriend just so
yalls know! ha anyways i dont think i covered the cps
thingy....we had to have an interview but the lady person
said that nothing was wrong and the neighbor was just
trying to get revenge or something. ha oh well. right now
my life is ok....i mean not counting english and boys. but
hey id i did count boys.....whos life would be ok? i mean
all boys seem to do is make you sad, feel bad, cry, but
then theres the sweet ones that are hot as a bonus...but
then again youre never the one they want. what do i one ever wants me. haha well sometimes i guess.
but whatever my life just sucks atm.

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