My *Daily* Nightmare...
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2003-02-25 17:23:27 (UTC)

Hello Again..

Hey everyone.. its February 25th, at about 11:18 A.M.. in
the Snowy Town of Allen Texas.. Nothing has been happening
really..Callie came over for the night last night sence
school was cancled.. and we might invite our friend Scott
over.. but eh.. who knows. Anyways. I like This kid..
Alot. His name is "Brandon".. and if u think u know him u
prob. dont. lol. only Callie and Andrew know the
REAL "Brandon".. ;) haha. yeah.. so.
Mardi Gras was pretty bad ass... me and jennifer got to
hang out with my lil cousin (hes the freakin coolest) and 2
of his friends.. so it was pretty amusing.
well as of right now life is ok.. Satan is still a bitch..
but eh... its normal. but im going to go.. i have nothing
to talk about.. Auidos!!

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