What are you, some kind of Adrien?
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2001-09-29 22:58:17 (UTC)

begin rant...

i hate...

i hate people who act like they are above everyone else.
i hate people who just stop when you're trying to get
somewhere in a hurry
hell, i hate people in general.
i hate being alone
i hate being told what i can and cannot like
i hate people judging me because of something stupid i once
i hate being around others when they don't pay attention to
i hate not being listened to
i hate myself for being so pathetic, so hopeless, so
hateful, so fake
i hate cars that don't start
i hate music that makes my ears hurt
i hate everyone having fun without me
i hate being ignored
i hate hypocrites
i hate having to always seem happy
i hate always being sad
i hate small talk
i hate feeling awkward
i hate being shy (this i hate more than anything)
i hate not knowing the way someone feels about me
i hate not being able to write what i want to
i hate the way all my poems sound the same
i hate the way i'm never original
i hate crying
i hate the way i hate so much....

end rant here..