if you see jordan
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2003-02-25 16:31:30 (UTC)

school rocks my world

haha right now i'm at school

i havent written in awhile--i was in trouble cause i wasnt
helping around the house enough i dont know why she gets
mad at me for that though. i mean i thiknk she was just in
a bad mood but w.e

it does seem that shes being nicer to me though. thats
good and it makes me happy!! haha yayayay!!

well i dont know if **** likes me--i reeaallly hope that he
does. i'm gonna ask him to soph hop!! ahhh

jen was supposidely gonna ask him but SHES NOT and neither
is ne one else..but what if he says no--:/

haha i'm in too good of a mood to be sad

but latin sucked--we havea huge test thrusday---i'm
gonnapray that i do good--haha
okay i'm out the bells gonna ring