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2003-02-25 16:19:54 (UTC)

flying mug of coffee and strange smelling moustache

hello this is my first entry

fellow earth invaders from the second galaxy. mmmmmmm
Im watching woody the woodpecker oh the entertainment! no
affence to chilly willy (in no way am i a porn star on that
you can fly?)
Chilly willy is a dominant peenguin (who happens to be my
uncle...) and tom and jerry (wow the muscles on that mouse)
thought of the day-
run chilly willy! run!

if you are wondering why the title is i will put your mind
at rest (if you aren't you must leave this world for the
planet mars i hear its nice this time of year.... mmmm
MARS.) today i made a cup of coffee for my mum (mummy!) and
had a wild dream i poured the boiling drink on her (but i
didn't she spilt it on herself anyway...) ahhh the power of
dreams...... mmmm....DREAM bar.

note to self-
stop drooling you look like a rottweiler....
you see im on a diet

other note to self-
fight the flab! fight the flab!
bye bye
luv Fran
p.s and strange smelling moustache because i have no idea
of the dangers of golfing..................

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