What are you, some kind of Adrien?
2001-09-29 22:27:30 (UTC)

Benefit concert

As tired as I am of hearing over and over about what
happened on 9/11 I went to a WTC diaster benefit concert.
My friends, Sweet Apple Pie, were performing, and so were
two other bands The Funky Dory and (subject to change). It
was an amazing concert. In fact, it was more amazing than
any other concert I've been to. These bands were all local
people, and the other concerts I've been to have been from
world wide famous bands. And these guys were better.

"Taylor" was in The Funky Dory. *sighs* He was absolutely
amazing. He really added to the sound of the band. The band
by itself was amazing. They have an excellent singer *is
jealous*. was "Taylor". *sighs* I really am
pathetic. He sat next to me during (subject to change) for
a little bit and I wanted to tell him how good he was, how
great the music was, but I froze. Way to go me. And he
signed my arm. *whoopee* He signed my name (spelled wrong,
and he knew it) to my own arm. I'm hopeless. I really am.

They raised $1120 total. I was so happy! I bet they could
have raised more if..erm...more people knew about it? I
knew a lot of the people who came. And a lot of them I
didn't know so well, but I've seen them around, or
something. But I had a great time, and that's what counts,
and it was for a good cause, so that counts more.

Today I went out with my mom to help her pick out some
clothes for school, as she's teaching again. The car
wouldn't start. *sighs* I felt like it was my fault the
battery died. Or whatever happened. I felt like it was my
fault. I feel guilty for a lot of things.

I think I need to see a shrink. Or, at least have a
designated person I can talk to and they'll listen. And I
mean really listen. I've said all this before, but I feel
like I'm alone out here, that no one really listens, or

I watched the movie "Wicked" today. It's great. I reccomend
everyone watch it. ...Now. Right....

So that's it from me. I'll write again some other time.