Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-02-25 14:40:01 (UTC)

Into The Sea, To Be Free

The rivers are wide,
Too many to cross,
And we've nobody here can read sea,
The bridges are down,
And I'm at a loss,
As to whether we'll ever be free.

The panic is rising,
Beards are stroked,
And the horse-drawn henchman is horned.
What then are our options?
Now senses are dulled,
And the threat of disaster forewarned.

But one path left,
At this cross-roads a-face,
The wand'rer time ambles on,
Hold hands and jump forward,
We'll all leave this place,
When the clock-bastard gets here we're gone.

You can repeat the past,
Of course you can't,
Destruction that way's elementary,
You've got to think fast,
To be sure you aren't,
Killed to become sedimentary.

Who is the winner,
In the slave loser's trade,
The ones who plunged to doom,
Or the simple sinner,
Who came when bade,
For ten more years of loom