The land of unknown
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2001-09-29 22:07:57 (UTC)


i play guitar. i've said it before. been playing since the
summer before 9th grade. now i'm in the 11-10th. i'm
supposed to be in the 11 but M.P. (my other school)
only had a requirment of 3 years of history. this school
needs 4. and i failed some classes. so this school held
me back. where as M.P. would send me on to the next
grade and if i didn't have enough credits at the end of
the year, i become a fifth year senior. but no this school
makes me stay back. bastards. any who. Chris and
Matt also play guitar. Matt sucks and doesn't really know
how to play very well, and Chris has been playing for
about as long as i have. but the thing is, Chris doesn't
know shit. can't tune the guitar, doesn't even know
about the fifth fret, can't read notation, and doesn't
seem to know much terminology either. but he learns
Metallica by the tabliture. i don't think he knows much
else other then Metallica. but he doesn't know much of
it either. and doesn't seem to be into the music he says
he does. he's not real familier to Deftones. when i
played him My Own Summer, the next day, he thought it
was Godsmack. hasn't really heard of many of the
bigger bands. so, all in all, i'm still looking for any other
serious musicians. damn i miss Dustin and Nathan.
they were more serious musicians. and i liked the stuff
they wrote. they are good guitarists. Nate's an alright
keyboardist. not his stronger area. but could be good, if
he were to learn it. Dustin is also good with a guitar.
those 2 could write some good shit. but no, the guys
out here don't even really know how to play. maybe with
the right keyboard and guitar and amp, i can be a one
man band. then i would have full control of the music,
but i'm not sure on my singing abilities. it'd be an
interesting style of industrial metal. imagine (if u can)
wumpscut style industrial with Skinlab style metal with
hints of influences from Gothic bands and other metal
bands such as Deftones and Fear Factory. that's what
it'd sound like if i had everything i wanted. heavy
influences from things u've never heard of and bands u
know and love. and speaking (somewhat) of
wumpscut, i read in AP(alternative press) that he's in
the studio working on new material. woohoo!! and
Slayer has a new cd coming out. yeah!

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