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today is the greatest day
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2003-02-25 12:21:32 (UTC)

Anxious and Bored

Well today I woke up and watched all the education programs
on ABC TV... I watched math-man, and scientific eye..
amongst others.. then I watched the midday news. I never
realised how good the ABC news was.. but as you can tell my
day wasn't too interesting. hmm I wrote Belinda a letter
which I will most likely post tommorrow.. me and Belinda
had the best convo last night.. she's so sweet in all of
her intelectual cynicism. Really quite an interesting
person. We decided to meet up and become awesome friends
again.. cos we used to be that and it was great.. though it
prolly will be hard to meet up with her cos we both have
very conflicting timetables. Umm what else?.. oooh
Australia won the game against Zimbabwe in the world cup.
And what's even better.. they didn't get attacked by
terrorists. isn't that great! I'm glad. At the moment I
have that fuzzy feeling inside.. I am really quite
cheerful..like a little kid. I think it could be Uni.. but
it's also a lot of other things. I'm happy anyway. I'm
listening to "untitled' by The Smashing Pumpkins. Their
last song. It's such a happy song.. I love the lyrics. hmm
beautiful Smashing Pumpkins lyrics as usual. Yesterday I
got told that my two fav bands (The Pumpkins and Radiohead)
are the same as Elijah Wood's. WOW! who cares! Well I've
got stuff to do tommorrow.. so I plan on getting an early
night for the first time in what has been a very long time.

* * *


should i know all we're missing
what's to stop what they're missing
to feel love, to be in love
all around

anyone can hold a promise
not everyone can feel honored
to be in love, to feel love
all around

turn me on, hear me speak
let me be what i need
you're enough for me

many times while you sleep
i'm dreaming of what to keep
to know your wish, hold it true
to slay the things that trouble you

turn me on, out of reach
listen here, feel me
just believe, just believe
you'll see

to feel love, to be in love
all around

hold the truth if you want it
if you don't, i won't flaunt it
to feel love, to be in love
all around

when you're young you can promise
anything that you wanted
to be in love, to feel love all around

turn me on, let me speak
from my heart, i receive
plain happiness, just happiness
you and me

to feel love, to be in love
all around

i know your wish, i hold it true
(feel love around)
to hide the things that trouble you
(feel love around)
turn me on out of reach
(feel love around)
let me speak all my peace
(feel love around)
just believe what you keep
(feel love around)
you'll never need to hurry me
(feel love around)

to be in love, to feel love
all around

- (Billy Corgan, Rotten Apples, 2001)

* * *

THE END (for now)

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