Chapter One: The Evil Within
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2001-09-29 21:37:58 (UTC)

so now what!?

The rollar coaster effect comes into play again, but this
time, i dont think i care. My dad lost his job again, it
wasnt his fault, they just cut a whole lot of people. Now,
he is in a bad mood, and there is this massive tension in
this house.

I got my card and money from my aunt, now i have 50$, I
would have had 100 but my mom borrowed some $. I dont mind
giving my family money, they need it, and i dont reallyneed
it for anything, its just b-day $.

my aunt and my cousins both sent me 25$, they really care
about me, and are the only family it seems i really have
besides my parents. and my parents, they got me a whole
bunch of clothes. I figured that this is really the last
yera for a b-day, and i had a whole lot of friends promise
me things, but they never go thru with things. Maybe they
really arent friends!?

My art teacher Mrs Eagle, she is a real bitch. She makes me
feel like crap, and, in her own little way, though she may
not know about it, she influences me not to want to do art.
If i have a good idea, or change an idea in some way she
claims that i am taking the easy way out, i think art is
the only class i dont take easy short cuts out off. I once
stayed after school for 16 days to soder 36 times to get a
bracelet to work he way i wanted. she is a massive bitch,
and i was really close the other day to telling her to
shove her class and project up her ass. It bothers me,
everyone i know knows that i dont take any easy way out of
my art, its the only real thing i work on.

another thing that pisses me off is my friends. like emily,
i asked her for a ride somewhere, and her mom said no, but
she took the car once when she only had her permit, for
adam. she always just assumes that i will give her rides
where ever she wants, and it seems that the only thing that
she cares about anymore is adam and corrine. corrine hears
everything... what happened to mine and emilys friendship?
what? maybe it is just as well, i dont think that at the
moment anyone really cares about me, not my friends nor
family, there are too many more important things for them
to do.

well there really is only one other thing for me to say...
marching band, though you may have pieces of metal frozen
to your hands and your toes get so cold you cant feel them
when you march, and its so cold outside that after a couple
in minutes you cant feel your ears or nose, that it is one
great thing, cause not only do you sometimes get your
instrument carried in, you also sometimes get your hands
and ears warmed by a hot guy. i like that, i know, i know,
dont tell me!