keeping my hands in the air
2001-09-29 21:35:20 (UTC)


well, at this moment right now, i'm quite annoyed...guys
annoy me and confuse me....and i really hope my baby sis'll
be alright...same for my mom...she's due in nov. and i'm
totally psyched bout her coming...well, that guy i wrote
bout earlier is the one who's confusin me...i dunno what to
do bout him, but i do know that i really like him and i
totally cherish him being in my life...i just wish we could
be more close, ya know?...and i talked to one of my good
guy buds (taylor) on the 'net and i was tellin him bout my
guy problems...he's a good guy and a good friend...too bad
he lives kinda far away, but that's aight...he's a real
sweet guy, but also kinda complex...i'm startin to think
that there's a law that every guy i like or is associated
w/ has to be confusing and complicating and being a jerk is
a bonus...i don't think i'll ever find the right guy...i
wish i could...i wish that guy was him...i know...i'm a
crazy lunatic girl who wishes life was a silver platter and
that i don't live in the real world...i know it sounds
corny, but i want a guy to love and to love me back just
the same if not as much...but that's crazy, right?...that
only happens to the really lucky few...oh well...hope
things turn out good
love, peace, and chicken grease