Cosmic Rain
2003-02-25 09:35:09 (UTC)

ramble scramble

Ahh that corn was simply and utterly delicious. Like fruit
it is natures junk food. Bring on the corn. Specially home
grown corn from the folks vegie patch. *yummdiddlyumptious*

Oooh I didn't hide the evidence. And Mat just got home and
saw...*oops* He keeps missing out on the folks corn, cause
I usually only get one and I can't help but gobble it up.
Sorry Mat!

I just checked our squash ladder and we are now third.
Buggers. But not far behind and we'll get back up to being
one I'm sure. Cause yes I am that confident. Well in
relation to our season anyway. Even though last night was a
bit of a fizzler and I was the only one that won. I don't
think the heat and the courts helped. The roof was freakin
low as, so any high lob shot just went *boomp* against the
roof. I remember actually saying "bloody roof" after a
standard normal shot I'd play everywhere else would work
and I wouldn't usually swear on the court. Ooh I know I
have said shit with a smile..

Ooh goodles. The Julie woman just rang back and said
Tuesday night was fine and dandy..So that be good.

I'm really bugged now. Because Mat is reading this book
called the Magician and it reminded me of a book I read
years ago and I know I liked it and bugged if I know what
it is now. I think Meryn told me to read it. But then again
I don't even know if she did. I just simply don't know and
now i am totally bugged and how do ya find a book you can't
remember the name of nor the names of the main characters
or the author??? But you know you did like it...that is
really gonna poop me off big time...arghhhhhhh!!!!

And this entry has taken me ages to write and it's full of