The Perils of Everything
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2003-02-25 06:35:48 (UTC)

Day 4

Ahhh today I didn't do so well :(

I tried really hard and throughout the day I was doing so
well. Then I went out with the boyfriend and we all know
that food is always involved with boys...damn fast
metabolism gender people! But it is okay because I've done
so very well so far into this diet that I feel okay to have
this one error...even though it's a mighty big one. I was
going to look the calories up online, but fear of the
number compels me to just imagine that it's really high.

-Tea w/honey
-1 tiny bite of bread

-1 Reeses mini cup
-1 mini candy cane

-2 Whole Wheat Ritz Crackers(28 calories)
-1/2 a can of chicken broth(15 calories)
-1/3 bottle of grape gatorade(35 calories)

The mess up:
-a small caramel frappachino(I don't want to know how many
-1/2 of a chocolate chip cookie from starbucks(Too many

Can you imagine if I had just kept up with the diet and
didn't fail? I would've only consumed about 110-150
calories!! I really wish that I could've just stopped after
my snack/dinner.

Tomorrow will be better! It HAS to be! Today I almost had a
weakness and felt that I am not strong enough to do this.
However my hungry stomach is returning and along with it a
sense of pride at my accomplishment. Today I wanted so
badly to get a mountain dew...my most favorite soda. I
stopped myself. That was a big moment. I will allow myself
that mountain dew at the close of Week One. That will be my
reward. Along with maybe a box of animal crackers.

Plan's for Tomorrow:
I now realize that I need to eat healthily as well as
cautiously. I am planning on eating something healthy when
I return from school, or if I leave school for lunch,
something then. Tomorrow that health "mini meal" will
consist of 1/4 low fat cottage cheese and half a sourdough
english muffin. That will set me at approximately 100
calories. If I keep up with water, gatorade and small candy
treats I will do very well tomorrow. I hope that I have
will power tomorrow!!


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