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Somewhat Pathetic Life
2003-02-25 05:12:10 (UTC)

What's my age again?

I'm 20. Well, actually i'm still 19. Would be 20 on my
birthday. Doh... It's really funny cause when i was 17, i
thought i was 'old'. Now, i'm reaching 20 and i guess
i'm 'older' and i guess i DO feel a little 'old'.
Maybe 'old' is not the most suitable word for the moment.
I'd use... 'mature'. Yes, i'm more 'matured'. I guess my
point of views have changed slightly or drastically as i
grow older after i graduated from high school. I still act
foolishly at times. I still talk loads of crap. BUT, i
feel kinda 'old'. I made the word 'old' sound dirty,
didn't i? Hehe. I don't know. Whatever. You know, i really
think that life IS short and you'll never know what's
gonna happen to you. We have NO idea when's the world
gonna end, will there be WW3, or whatever disaster that
might strike you without any warning or whatsoever. I
guess those stupid chain mails sorta affected me a little.
You know, those with the stories of people you cared most
dying and you never had the chance to tell them you loved
them, etc. Well, i didn't forward those to 10 poeple to
get my crush asking me out for a date or marrying me or
whatever. I don't really believe those, anyway. I usually
delete those before i even open those junk mail sent by my
friends who never wrote a single mail to me, which would
imply that they sent those junk mail because they 'care'
about me. It's..... cute. I guess. Sometimes. But, it gets
really irritating and annoying when it takes up the space
in your mail box and you're expecting mails from other
poeple whom you'd like to hear from. Well, just in case
your crush got hold of your e-mail address and tried e-
mailing you but the mail was sent back to him or her
because your mailbox was full. You know what i mean.
Anyway, I'm deterring from my main topic. But, isn't that
what everyone does unconsciously? Whatever.

Forever young..... at heart.

p.s. I DO look young. People say i look like i'm 16. ;P

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