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2003-02-25 05:03:07 (UTC)

Mike moves

Dear diary,
This weekend I spent Friday, Saturday, Sunday
and Monday watching mike pack his belongings and unpack
them. Mike is basically a good guy. Spend 4 days with
anyone and your bound to find some negatives. It's
virtually unavoidable. Well unless your zenning out the
entire time...which I unfortunatly have not been. I just
worked out 20 min. That made me feel a whole lot better. I
have film tomorrow at 10:00...and Judy Jackson at 4, and
lastly, Psych at 6:00. I wonder if we'll be getting out
psych exams back. I hope I did well. If I didn't it's not
the end of the world, at the very least I'll learn from it
and try to do better. Little things are upseting me lately,
for example that Mike wouldn't get me water and speant his
time packing. How much can you really care about someone
if you rather them be thirsty and uncomfortable than making
your clothes live without the luxery of a drawr. It's a
valid question really. It really upsets me when people put
material belongings before the ones they clame to care
about. It's so simple to have a lapse of judgement like
that. I too must be guilty more than I would like to
I'm not sure if I actually want Mike to be my
boyfriend or not. Maybe I should just make him my friend.
Only I am attracted to him. I do like that dating thing.
I am tuly falling in love with him. Hm...I wonder which
one is more close to the truth. Oh well, one day at a
time. Keep honesty alive and try not to be to hard on
him. Remember that your not always as perfect as your
think you are. Mike is actually a good catch.