Mystical Blonde Girl

Mystical World Of A Wild Blonde
2001-09-29 19:43:12 (UTC)

Not so happy... wish I was...sort of smiling =)

Right now all I want to do it CRY! I haven't talked to
Mikel since we started going out... Nothing. No hpone
calls, not even am IM... =( It sucks. I actually miss the
dude... grrrr

Damn why can't he JUST CALL ME!

School sucks cause I'm sick, so it just makes me tired and
feel like shit... specially when I have gym. I feel like
I'm going to cough up a lung or just pass out. One of the
two probably wouldn't be so bad...

On a slightly high note... Nick and I have been talking
quite a bit. He even called me last night and asked if I
would like some company. I told him that I wanted to watch
a few movies, but my dad would be home soon, so he better
not... Plus I knew if he came over I would have slept with
him. As much as I want to ONE FUCK him, and TWO get
FUCKED... I don't think it would be a good idea last night.
I might have well... enjoyed it too much said soem things I
don't need him to know... so on... UGH *cries*

I did, however, tell him to call me after he gets off work.

I'm in a weird mood right now... I just want a good guy...