Mind of a Wierdo
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2001-09-29 19:22:53 (UTC)

Far too long ........

I haven't written in a while ..... according to this damn
thing. I wrote an entry before this one and it didnt even
save. Stupid computer. Ugh I hate it. Okay well .......
updates. Let me see here. Today I am supposed to be going
to Great America. Yay! Okay anyways. Lets start with
yesterday. FRIDAY! Okay ...... went to Chris's house at 6
in the morning and went to school at 9:30. No we weren't
late .... school just started at that time because we had a
block schedule. I ended up 'trying' to conquer his couch
but that didnt happen cus he would always get it before me
and so I ended up on the floor asleep to wake up with him
next to me. Awww ..... yuck! hahaha j/k Okay well went to
school and left at 1. I should have stayed so that Daria
could use me as her model for photo but I left. I feel
really bad about that too. I mean ...... I hate myself that
I even left. I am still kicking myself that I even left.
And I left so that I could go with Chris and Matt to rent
some movies and watch them at my house. The dance was
yesterday as well but I didnt go. I went to the Pledge of
Allegiance Tour. Woohoo! That concert rocked. I actually
went down into the mosh area. Didn't mosh tho. But that is
okay. The day before that I had Antonio and Matt over my
house and we just watched some tv and had some pillow
fights and beat each other up. That is okay tho cus it was
all fun. I recently started this new 'college course'
class. I am taking Psychology. I mean I kno I am goin to
have so much fun in this class cus I want to be a
Psychologist but the first class was pretty boring. Lets
see. What else has happened between the time that I last
wrote ............. well ..... when I remember ..... I will
be sure to write .............. till later ...............

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