abby c

wow... that sucks
2001-09-29 19:07:10 (UTC)


i dont really wnat to write in here anymore...

but oh well... my dads fuckin the hairdresser, my mom and
little sisters are in newjersey... jill is here... i wnat
kelli to come over so me n her can forget our troubles----
marc and casey were foolin aroudn i guess at brittany's
hosue and shes really upset, i am to. i'm gonna kill both
of them.

ed wans't in school on friday, hes was moving... doesn't
matter anyways it woulda just gotten me even more
depressed.... i looked really nice on friday too(everyoen kept
sayin it), musta been the alcohol.

ed's computer isn't hooked up ... i was talkign to
him before on melodie's list tho wehn him n nick were at her
house..... and, well i dont want to get into it

more later

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