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2001-09-29 18:43:35 (UTC)

warm feelings

mid-autumn festival in 2001 is the most special festival in
my life coz i can celebrate with u pauline and all your
family members, i am really so happy and excited abt this.
v. v. warm.

well, today, we went to the peak, we talked and talked...
and then we went to tst to had our dinner... and suddenly
we came up a conclusion: i've made the wrong X 1000
assumption in my head and unfortunately i applied it in my
family so far! oh, gosh.

i really knew how i should treat other ppl... but as i had
that assumption... i didn't think that i should treat
my "family members" like what i would treat others... ha
(cold laugh) wrong wrong wrong. anyway, i've made a
biggest mistake already.

i am convinced and justified to do what i should do.

pauline, thx for your support, those afro-ken stuff, that
lovely doggie, all the warm feelings u've given me... i
don't know how i can express myself really...

i'm lucky to be ur bf.