The Trials and Tribulations of Ronnie J.
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2003-02-25 03:48:37 (UTC)

Feb 2003

Its been like a complete year since i wrote in this and
since. Since then I chilled with Vanessa and Ditched over
Christine. Gave her a crack pipe for her b day.. That was
the most fucked up thing i ever done. Well now im her
friend after 6 months and like she livesin pompton. Erin
and me werent friends at one pint either. I became a Coke
head. Luke nessa and I, for bout 6 months we were pheans.
Then we split apart cause we got sick of eachother. Erin
and i are now friends and she has her lisence she worked
hard for it. Somthin i need to is get my life
together.... huh yea right ! Well I dont chill with Nessa
cause i hate Peter and Rob, Benny is ok. Benny chills and
we get along pretty good. Peter and them talk shit so much.
Nessa dont atlease i dont think. But who knos.Andrew is
back also. Yeah he came back form Hungary .And for My life,
it's all to me know, I dont chill with anyone. Hardly. I
just started to talk to christine again and i thank god
for that. She has her own life now and we do our own
things. Paulie comes around alot more. Benny and I got him
to chill again. Lukasz is fine now, he just smokes and
chills. I see him about twice a month lol . Now i started
to hang out with Josh and like im chillin just smoken.
I dont do anythin anymore. Oh yeah im getting throw out of
the projects.!! What to know y ? Because My mother and
Rosann.. So i'll be movin to McAuther ave in G field . Yeah
was upset but we got to. All because of Tony Demarco. Him
and the 5-0 want us to work as rats and we dont want to. We
are just going to leeve. What the hell i might do better up
there. As for anything else . Oh yea my sis moved to Lodi.
Well gtg. Who knoes when i'll wright again so peace..