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2003-02-25 03:33:33 (UTC)

MY LOVE... err... lust

today i went to the dentist, and they filed my teeth for
some reason, and it really hurt. and my teeth are all numb,
and i have a really bad headache. and it hurts when i play
my clarinet. which is not a good thing, considering that i
have a recital tomorrow! aaah!!! but at least my playmate
might come. :) that makes me feel special. we're supposed
to go to dinner if all works out. :D! weeeee!!!!!
i've never dated girls anyway. i've only had playmates. and
with guys, it's pretty much the same thing. just kinda the
friends with benefits type of thing. no commitment. it's
better that way. i like just playing around, and never
having a "relationship". why commit at this age? okay,
let's go have fun my sweet! bye