A Hippie's Thoughts......
2001-09-29 18:30:13 (UTC)

Gee Gimme something to do


Hey. Well..lets see..Last night Me, green, and Melsa went
Shopping and about got locked in SPencers! ahh! I was going
2 buy some clothes..but I Decided to save up my $$ cuz I
REALLY want these shoes..So Mom said im gonna hafta save up
4 em. We had fun. Melsa spent tha night! We stayed up
talkin about tha losers @ our school 4 a long time. haha! I
just got off tha phone with mandy. Ive been talkin 2 her 4
like an hour and 1/2. We Were LOoking up *Prince's* #. And
I was looking 4 *Wilson's* Haha. We have no lives.
Neways...Me *n* Mandy told JAson that she went out with
*Prince*..just 2 make him mad. UGH! He gets on my
nerves..he SAYS hes happy 4 her(Even tho they dont really
go out)..but he knowz that if they really DID go out..he
would be so jealous he couldnt see straight. I wanna do
something 2night! Like..Go 2 tha movies or something. So if
ne one has ne ideas..just Call me or something. U should
know the # if I like u. Well...We Beat South Rowan
Yesterday! Thank Gosh! The JV is STILL undefeated! Yay! I
Made an 85 on my Biology Test. I guess thats ok. Well I
Should go clean.

I'm out,


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