ramblings of a madwoman
2001-09-29 18:25:30 (UTC)

post-concert neck soreness!

oh the pain!

finger eleven were so amazingly, fanstastically,
orgasmically good. I was entirely satisfied, as they played
my favorite songs. (For the Ocean, Awake and Dreaming, Tip,
Bones and Joints)I'm still kind of reeling from the

the opening bands were also very good. Slurpymundae was a
huge hit with myself and my friends, radio-friendly, but at
the same time, just heavy enough. DH and NG both bought
their EP and because they were both into the mosh pit, i
had to hold their CDs in my pants pockets. and DH's wallet.
so my clothes were kind of weighed down.

Breach of Trust wasn't bad, but I was sort of sitting out
most of their set, because I pretty much came to the show
with a migrane. bad idea, children. After the whole
concert, we met BoT outside and they signed my neck and
collarbones area. nice boys, didn't go for the chest area.

anyways, the piéce de resistance, F11 kicked my ass so
throroughly. they built up the opening so well, the drummer
(sean) came out and every 10th beat or so that he'd play,
the lights would flash and go to black again, and in the
blackness, scott, james, rick and rich came out and just
jumped right into "above". SUCH a good opening.

basically, their entire set was fantastic. (highlights: for
the ocean, my carousel, bones and joints)

they left, and came back for an encore of two songs that
totally brought the house down. Bones and Joints & First
Time, which of course, everyone knows the words for.
everyone was singing, and it was all great. Damn, did we
ever get sweaty, though! mmmm!

Song of the Moment: "Burning Inside" -Static X and Fear

and it just switched to "Interstate Love Song" by STP. man,
am i ever eclectic.