2003-02-25 03:25:05 (UTC)


hey there it's that time again, lol, what a dork(yes i
know what a dork really is). well today is weird, i was
tired all day and wasn't in a very good mood yet everyone
kept saying i have this wonderful glow about me. they all
said i look like the happiest girl alive right now, in
some aspects i am, but today i'm not happy about
everything. i'm feeling a little sick on top of it all too
so i don't know y they say i have this glow. hahaha, a few
ppl from work work even told me no matter what's going on
i can walk into a room and brighten everything up. if i
can brighten up everything around me y can't i always
brighten myself up? o well, i just read over what i typed
and that kinda sounds selfish, so i'll stop whining.
anyway, i had a long and boring day at work. i got home
early today so i was working a bit on my presentation
which is coming along slower than expected. then i got to
talk to my baby for a couple mins but i had to hop in the
shower so we couldn't talk very long. see i go to
volunteer at a veterans' home every monday night, so i had
to get ready for that. sometimes it can be kool but other
times it makes me just want to drop dead. tonight it was
alright i guess i dragged my little sis along too she had
fun. the veterans r really nice they always have
interesting stories to tell too. anyway i got back home
just to walk in on Nick and a girl getting into it on my
living room floor(not something i wanted to see).
My baby and i started asking each other silly ?'s to
really get to know what the other is like and i never
thought it would matter so much but his answers keep
making me fall even deeper in love with him. i know nobody
is perfect but he is perfect for me. we're a great match
we have so much in common but we have some things
different that make it all interesting. i'm glad i found
the love of my life now cuz now i can have a long life of
happiness. Damian makes me feel like nothing bad will ever
happen to me cuz he'll always be by my side to ward off
all the bad things that come along. man just thinking
about him brings a huge smile to my face. he is also
really sweet and understands and respects where i'm coming
from with my thoughts, actions, and way of living. i mean
it's not like that's easy to come by these days, most ppl
r extremely provincial and if ur not like them then ur a
freak in their eyes. i know i don't look like a freak but
that's not what i'm talking about(see there's that
rambling again). Damian asks me what i see in him, and
sure i can tell him a few things i see in him but have u
ever met someone where they just have this something
special that ur unable to describe. i mean i just get
overwhelmed with joy just hearing his name, and he has
this awesome effect on me. i just hope i make him even
half as happy as he makes me. i haven't told him this
altho i'm sure he'll read this, i would love to live with
him. fall asleep next to him with my head on his chest and
wake up wit him being the first thing i see when i wake
up. i can't think of anything i want more than to have
that in my life. well i'm gonna close this up so i ccan
spend more time with my baby. Song 4 the entry: "Have I
Ever Told You" by FFH.