An Angel's life
2001-09-29 17:53:14 (UTC)

It has been 7 days and I have some things to say.

Dear Diary and readers,
Thank you Susieq1959 for replying back to me. Last
week my friend was running for president and she lost. :(
Though this guy from my class did win vice president even
though he deserved to be president. Also, my sister is
selling candy and now I am ending up selling it for her. It
is actually kind of fun. I also had to go to this dedication
for my school. Our band that I am in played two songs and I
watched the cheerleaders trying to do these awesome moves
but they ended up humilating themselves instead. It was
soooooooooooooo boring because it was all about Thank yous
and you now how boring that can get.
I am trying to be a drummajor in my band and I am
also want to have 1st or 2nd chair. So I must really
practice but there isn't much competition because I am one
of the best since the rest of the band is really bad. A lot
of people quit band this year. Did you guys watch Tough
Enough?? I am so glad that Maven won and not Chris. I hate
Chris but I really wanted Josh to win but he is a little
scrawney. Who watches Charmed? I love Charmed and I can't
wait for the season permiere. As you can see I am a tc
junkie but oh well. I also like sailor moon but there is no
new epsiodes. Well have to go and keep reading my diary.