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2001-09-29 16:43:55 (UTC)


I have to work today and that sucks :q Well, hopefully
I'll get off early and be able to get ready for a party
that is going on tonite. This girl named Melissa Fort is
having a party. I've been to two other ones she's had
before and they were straight. Hey, it's something to do.
Anyway, I had a long online conversation with Kellen
Miliner. He's this dude who I was crushing on for a
while...it was back in the day when I was cheering. Well,
he's in Oklahoma now and we chat with each other quite a
bit now. He'll email me and stuff. It's cool though because
when I was crushing over him, we didn't talk at all and now
we just trip out. I gave him some advice on his girlfriend,
Amanda Kozak.....I know the girl's whole name because I did
some research when I use to want ole Kmil for myself. Well,
I also told him about Leroy. See, this is just cool how
everything is now. We talked for like an hour! But anyway,
last nite when I got off, me, Jacan, and Delilah went to
Applebee's and talked. It was really relaxing. Guess who
works there!?.....Scoop! I was shocked to see her. I spoke
to her or whatever, but I can't remember if she said
anything back or not. Then again, what I said wasn't really
those kind of things you respond to. But besides that....I
talked to Eilene too. We talked for a long time. She seems
to be doing really good. She's finally going to school.
It's just GMC, but I'm proud of my lil Lang Lang. I don't
know....I want to see people succeed in life. If I care
about someone, then I want to see them just be comfortable
in life. In some ways, I think that might be a down fall
for me. I don't know how it will be, but you have to be
careful how you care for people in this world. People turn
on you quickly! I'm going to watch my sweetie on TV today.
They play GA Tech. I thought about it last nite. If I could
just have Leroy as my friend always, then I would be
content. Of course, neither one of us can get married
because I know I would cheat on my husband and I don't know
about Leroy though. Hell, I won't stop until he cheats on
his wife! That sounds awful....I take that back. :p
Well, maybe I'll have a story to tell later tonite....*J*