Blonde And Dangerous
2001-09-29 16:36:05 (UTC)


I just finished talking to Zach on MSN and I came away
happy. Zach is one of my really cool guy friends. Not
many girls like him, because he acts dorky sometimes, but
in spite of that, I think he's cool.
He told me that he was only going to the Homecoming Parade
just to see Brandon and I play. I'm marching with my
colorguard again, and Brandon's marching with the snare
drum again. I would be too, except I'm doing flags again!
So he wants to see us. He'll probably leave after that,
and that's just fine with me. I'm glad I'm part of the
reason he's going!
We're playing China Grove for parade. It's the first song
from our Doobie Brother's show, and we're doing pretty good
on it. Our other two songs, Jesus Is Just Alright and Long
Train Runnin' aren't coming along so well, and we have
Parade of Bands at the HS football field Oct. 23 already!
My grade was the first sixth grade band ever to do a field
show for our school, and the HS band was cheering us on the
entire time! They were really supportive of us, and the
announcer, Corky, said that we played like any other
school's Junior High band, and that our Junior High band
played like any other school's High School band. Well, not
this year.
Anyway, for the parade, we're playing through the first
part of China Grove once, and then for the second time,
we're spreading out, marking time, and playing the whole
thing! Then we're just going on and playing it normally,
with just the parade part the rest of the parade. It'll be
kinda cool actually.
HS band is in their first band competiton of the marching
season today, in Luverne. Next year I'll be there. That's
a little scary!

"On an Island In The Sun"