Baby Bear

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2003-02-25 02:08:50 (UTC)

Today was OK... Sorta

Hey Mama Bear, 2/24/03
Today was good, but bad. It was fun and good after
skool, but during skool, it's always a drag. Choir,
usually one of my fave classes, has been such a dumb class
lately. I have to sit next to Kayla. Don't get me wrong,
she's really funny and nice, but she's soooooooooooo
annoying. She sings off tune, and thinks she can rely on
EVERYONE ELSE to get what she wants and needs. She is
always giving pointlessinformation and ideas. No one
really takes it or uses it. I'm sorry, but she just won't
leave you alone when you want to be alone.
After skool we had drama practice, and that wasn't too
bad. I got to pick on Walker, one of the cutest guys in
the 8th grade. But anyway. After that, I had DI. Now
THAT was fun! We did a practice, designed our T- shirts,
and ate pizza! It was a lot of fun.
I really don't have too much more to say, so I guess
I'll close out. TTFN. Buh- Bye!
Baby Bear