2001-09-29 15:51:24 (UTC)

Last night

well last night wasnt so bad after all. jenny came and
picked me up around 7:15 and we went to dinner at Applebees.
then we went to willow and saw that new movie Dont Say A
Word. wow, good movie. so the night ended up being fun. in
other news, liz hasnt talked to me at all this whole week.
the last time i saw/talked to her was last saturday, at
washington's homecoming dance. well her date asked her out,
and of course, she said yes. so what-the-hell, i mean shit.
ok so im happy for them. and now steff is giving me mixed
signals on whether she likes me, but i dunno about that. and
then roxy still likes me, alot. i just dont know what to do.
steff says she doesnt believe me, and that she wont do
anything about it until i tell roxy (they're best friends)
and she says she wont tell her. i used to like roxanne, but
she went behind my back and got on my friend nick, without
telling me. and last saturday at homecoming nick told me
about that night with roxy and i just about shit my pants.
she didnt even mention ANYTHING to me, but she did to other
people. im like her best friend! so i was mad, but i cant be
mad at her for that long. but still, even after that she
told nick she didnt know if she liked him as much as he did
to her. so she fucked that up. and now shes back telling me
she really really likes me. so i asked her, what do you want
me to do? and she put all the pressure back on me by saying
what do you want to do? i just dont know what to do,
ahhh!!!! more news later, PEACE