Event Horizon
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2001-09-29 15:50:42 (UTC)

Speak XVII

This was starting to get ridiculous. Things were coming
back together again. Goddamnit.

They had gone to a hardware store. One of those places
where the beady eyed guy looks like he should be selling
over the counter AK-47's.

The delicious pipes. Everything smelled like sweat and
metal. Neodymium magnets were being shipped as well. It
was all falling into place. A perfect boy. A perfect life.
Jesus fucking christ, how the hell was she going to get out
of this one.

He was laughing the wholetime, beautifully selfish bastard.
Capitalism in its most raw graceful form. Something to be
held in reverence. Line stood there in the midst looking at
her anils. yawn and such. capitalism and Anarchy. Fuck

"this could be a nice little science project," Shade said
under a shadowed brow.

"Perpetual motion generator."

"Fact or fiction?"

"That is so cheesy."


"They'll love it."

"Hmmm..." he was starting to get comfortable.