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2003-02-25 00:27:31 (UTC)

A Mall Crasher...

just got back from hanna's house, and a longgg weekend..
haha, well first off, molly came over! yay! hadn't seen her
in a while..then like, we went out..and RJ was supposed to
come get us..damn. he never showed up which makes me really
mad!!! ahh!!! but i guess it was okay, cuz we were all
high, and stuff, so i guess..i dont know it didn't matter.
but then he called and apologized..since he doesn't drive,
haha..well i dont know..so we fell asleep. he wanted to get
us at like 1:30 in the morning, and i was like PSH no! him
and his brother. and then the next morning we were supposed
to meet this guy alec. ha! oh gosh. well..we thought up
this complex plan..and me and molly walked in together, cuz
he was MAD ugly, and hanna came in couple paces behind
us..so he wouldn't think it was us. then he looked like he
wanted to say something to us. but we just kept walking,
and we thought we got rid of him..but hahaha..he called and
hanna was like "well were in target, (but we really were in
the food court) and shes like were in the baby clothes
department, come find us" so hahah hes like running thru
the mall cuz hes late for work, and hahha, he calls again
and hes like, well im in the baby clohtes department, but i
dont see you, and hanna is like, well we are, and YOUR
UGLY, and she hung up on him..then were like well hes gone.
so i guess lets leave..so were walkin out the front, and
there he is..hahahha he points at us, and like JOLTS
towards us, so hanna is like RUNN OMG RUNN!!! haha were
high. so. yea. haha we run like suns a biatchs! we ran thru
the food court!! hahah everyone was staring at us, and hes
chasing us and ahh it was so fun...and hanna like SKIDS,
ahhaha and almost falls..haha..then we go home..and molly
goes home..and me and hanna smoke more, and fall
asleep..and sleep til today! and eat 8 pieces together of
pizza..and a whole bag of cheeze doodlies. haha were so
full. blah.

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