American Princess

Chaos in Our Every Day Lives
2001-09-29 14:48:27 (UTC)

Talk About Random!!!

Ok, so last night something that I never ever
thought or expected to happened, happened! First of all you
need some history. Last year this guy and I dated for about
a month and we were going on really we thought
maybe we might end up married and shit like that. Then he
breaks up with me cause he can't handle a relationship and
says he still wants to be friends, which only really happens
when there's no hard feelings. I had hard
feelings...Anyways, so he claimed he wanted to stay friends
and never called me or emailed me or anything so I kinda had
the "screw you" attitude going for like a year. Then a few
weeks ago he was online, and we started talking and I went
into bitch mode and said some things I have been wanting to
say for literally a year! It felt great and he was kinda
like, ok I deserve that and he appologized and after we
worked the anger issues out, we were able to really talk
like friends! Ok, so back to last night...
After getting home kinda late I hop online to see who's
on before heading to bed. He was on, so I said hi and we
started talking...2am rolls around and he's like, "hmmmmmm"
So I'm like, what are you thinking about?!? And he says,
well I'm thinking about taking my mom's car and going to see
you. I'm like, tonight?!?!? (He lives about 50 minutes away)
So he gets here around 3:45 or so...and we had a really good
time! We were just talking and catching up a bit...laughing
a lot, which is good. Then he crashed here and it was just
so weird cause it wasn't weird...if that makes ANY sense at
all...Well anyways, I feel like we've come across the "I
can't stand you" borders and have entered into the
"friendship (for real)" borders, so I'm happy about that...

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