My Life As...
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2003-02-25 00:10:59 (UTC)

A Pothead ;)

2-24-03 today at school...well, lets start at the
beginning, i still had some weed left over from the weekend
at hanna's...so being the crazy chick that i am..i ate it,
in spanish class at like 8 in the morning. hahaha i
shouldn't have done that because i have...a speech in the
next class. haha. well i dont know what i was thinking, but
i sure do know that i was really high. so i was sitting
behind ricky and in front of michael and getting sexually
harrased. ahhhhhhhhhhh haha but were all nuts. so its okay!
haha okay, so we get into speech. and. ha. well...lets just
say i was too messed up to stand up, so i passed. that
takes minus seven off next class when i absolutley have to
say my speech! ewwwwwwww. but yea..then science. which is
easy i got like a 98 in the class..but he knew i was
smoking cuz i have sensitive eyes, and my eyes were all red
and glassy. soooooooo he was like (mr. taylor) talking
about how he could get people arrested for smoking, i paid
no attention...all i heard was smoke testing. lol. and now
im talking to rj on the phone and hes so sweet, and i can't
wait to...anyways, i love him... but then alot of other
stuff happend. but im too tired to type about it so yea.
annnd yea. later days! xoxo cassie